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a free mini course working with aves apoxie clay


Aves apoxie clay is a versatile art product use to sculpt art forms, but it  also can be used in mixed media art as well. The  two main products are apoxie clay and apoxie sculpt. I find the clay material to be great for fine details, while the sculpt form, is perfect for me to use to connect two pieces I want to join together. Joining things together in art is known as Assemblage and assemblage is famous for joining found objects in creative and interesting ways. You can also stamp in it or use it for repair.

In this free class, I will be discussing the ins and outs of working with the product and demonstrating how to the product to create an art piece using a bottle and a broken doll head and then a second project with a bottle and a head that I made. And then finally I show you how to repair a composite doll head that had fallen and broke. Once repaired, I can now go on to use the piece in a new art project.

Since I use this product a lot and find it invaluable not to have on hand, I wanted to share my tips when working with it so that you feel confident to try the product on your own and maybe explore it further in a future online course.

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the first 2 lessons are open at registration but this course is full access on Sept 1st