Art with Aves Supply List

1). 1/4 or 1 lb of Aves Apoxie sculpt (white or natural, but any color you like is fine). A pound will get you through more projects, while the 1/4lb will be perfect trial size to get to know it.

2). Bottles – they can be vintage, from your kitchen, etc. You just don’t want to use a bottle that has a big mouth/opening (like a pickle jar for example).

3). Found objects to use on top of the bottle opening. Nothing too heavy. I used a porcelain doll head and also a doll head that I had made. Go through your collectibles and look for things that you may be able to connect to the bottle using the method I show you.

4). While I do not cover this in the free class, also think about if you want to do something to the bottle. Maybe collage on it? Maybe spray paint it (make sure the spray paint is designed for glass. Krylon makes glass spray paint. Maybe collage on it and then glue a favorite photo or image on the front side. Be creative!

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