Sunshine Dolls


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Sunshine Dolls

We will create dolls in the sunshine.


In this self-paced e-course, I will be teaching you how to design and sew a cloth doll from fabric. We use scraps , a ready-made face (with instructions on how to create your next face) and then I walk you through all the stages necessary on how to create a soft doll. Techniques to be explored involve using fabric markers (or paint) to color in the face. I teach you about layering your fabric so that your doll has more depth to her. I discuss how to form a pattern directly on your work in progress. There is even a small demo on some basic hand stitching ideas. You will move quickly from design to sewing to stuffing your dolls and then adding arms.

I share all my tips and secrets on how I make my Sunshine dolls with clear instructions. Perfect for the beginner sewer.

Welcome to my new online class called, "Sunshine Dolls". The price for the class is $60 which includes postage to send you the sunshine face (United States only. International postage will be handled individually). *Please note this is not a beginner, "how to use your machine or learn how to sew class". The course is built on the assumption that you know how to use your machine and have some sewing background.

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