Sunshine Dolls: Supplies and Extra Information

1) fabric scissors, thread (for the machine), machine needles, sewing pins, etc. 2) assorted scrap fabrics, patches, words, preprinted fabric pictures
3) sunshine face screen (supplied by Kecia) to be mailed to student. (international shipping extra)
4) fabric markers or acrylic paint to paint the supplied face.
5) polyfill (doll stuffing) or recycle pillow filling (no pillow feathers though!)
6) dowel or hemostat for turning arms
7) a working sewing machine. (hand stitching is an option, but there will be no instructions on hand-stitching your doll)
8) 1/4” yard fabric for your front and back of doll
9) focal image. Along with class information,
10) optional – PhotoFabric by Blumenthal Craft. find at craft stores or amazon. this is for use with an inkjet printer.
11) optional – poly pellets. I like to stuff my dolls and then use a little bit of this at the bottom for weight. def not required though.
12) optional – small amount of batting


from Darlene Winter –
Finished coloring my faces! Look forward to the next step!! Thanks, Kecia for the informative videos & these darling faces!! I’ve always wanted to take a class from you & I’m really enjoying this one. Hope there are more to come!!

from Gina Parent –
“I just completed the “Sunshine Dolls With Kecia Deveny” class and am very excited! I have a short attention span and Kecia divided the class into a series of short videos that guide you clearly through all of the steps to
make her cool art dolls. She was very “to the point” without a lot of
needless chatter which helped me to focus on the easy steps used to complete our project. If you are afraid of faces she mails you two different ones of her own design for you to paint in your own color choices to use for your doll. She inspired me with her instructions and tips so I am flying with this class and want to make more dolls in my own style. Thank you Kecia, you are an excellent and kind teacher!”

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