how i spend my time creating art

I get this question or statement a lot about how prolific I am when it comes to making art. So I thought I would discuss how I spend my time creating art.

I think, first of all, it is important to know that I don’t work a full-time job outside of the home.  I am a full-time caregiver along with my husband, and we take care of our son, Tucker, who needs 100% care. Before the coronavirus, we had a caregiver who would come and help us. During those times, I would go to my rental studio and work. Sew, paint, sculpt, etc. I consider my time spent creating art as a full-time job.

Now with the quarantine, we are paying the caregiver to stay away. So I have not been going to my rental studio, but work in my home studio instead. I brought some things home to have on hand to keep on creating.

So I had a question on Instagram about how am I so prolific? Well, first of all, I have very high “time management ” skills. That’s key. If you don’t, then, that will make a huge difference in what you can accomplish in a day. And while it seems like I am always on social media, I don’t actually spend a lot of time there. I just post my art, answer questions, and then get back to work. I am also the queen of multi-tasking. My son, Tucker is fed via a g-tube every hour starting from 8 am until 7 pm. I know exactly what I need to get done in those hours. That includes cleaning the house, doing the laundry, feeding the animals, showering, getting Tucker cleaned,  dressed and into his wheelchair. Then he gets respiratory treatments as well. Then I have to wash all his equipment when done.  And then I have to think about feeding me and my husband. It is very tiring. So I am up and down a thousand times a day (I’ll have to really count one day).

But let’s say, he’s been fed, getting a treatment. laundry is done. dogs are sleeping and I know I have 45 minutes of free time. Then I create. So I create in spurts and always have many different projects working. And I tackle them when I have the time. Maybe if I had the luxury of unaccountable time, then I would spend my time differently. But I don’t.

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  1. Beth McAllister
    1. kecia deveney Post
  2. Patricia Stark

    You have to work very hard to get just 45 minutes of spare time – Yikes!
    I have some spare time you can have, and I could sit with Tucker – don’t I wish!

  3. Jacque Chinnery

    I am amazed you can create as much art as you do. Being a full-time caretaker must take so much energy. I’m so glad that you have this wonderful creative outlet and, since I believe we are all connected, I want to spend some time in meditation today and send loving energy to surround you. Thank you for sharing your artwork on Seth’s Facebook Live today. It made my day so much brighter. 💗

    1. kecia deveney Post
  4. Danicia

    Hello. I’m new here and just discovered your work. It’s inspiring, whimsical and absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I have an adult son who has autism and there’s times that I get so overwhelmed with worry about his uncertain future that I just breakdown. Art journaling which I’ve only recently discovered has helped me and I’m looking at learning new things. I’m not on social media very much at all but I will certainly keep an eye on what you post. It makes me smile. Amazing how a total stranger can help make the day a little brighter. Thank you again from someone who thinks you and your work are lovely. ❤️

    1. kecia deveney Post

      hey, very nice to meet you! I can certainly understand about being overwhelmed about the future and our children. It scares me greatly. I’m so glad you have discovered art journaling because It is the perfect place without an audience (except for yourself) to articulate your feelings however you want via collage, paint, words, scribble – anything goes! thank you for making a comment , it’s nice to know you are here.

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