cancelled – Junk Journal Journey in June – 3 day class

Due to Covid -19, thisĀ  class has been cancelled. It was an in-person workshop, not online.


I’ll be teaching my version of a junk journal this June 2020 in Frederick, Maryland at Art Collective. The event is being hosted by Chelsea Weiss. The class will be 3 days, starting Friday June 26- June 28th. If you go to this page, you can read all about the event.



Why 3 days? Well technically, its 2.5 days. We have a lot to do! And not sure about you, but nowadays, I don’t like rushing through everything. Friday eve is only 3 hours and on that evening, we will be working with resin for our covers and resin needs time to dry!

The next 2 days will be about creating our pages and then putting our journal together! It sounds like fun, right? I do hope you be might able to join us. Tickets for the event can be found here.


here is a little Youtube video I did discussing junk journal papers for you fyi.

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