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So I have another online class that just launched and it’s about creating a shrine using collected and curated items. It’s easy to get inundated by the unique things we collect and how to use them, but I have created a little formula to refer to when making such a mixed-media piece.

Some of the things I will be discussing :

How found objects can inspire and guide you
How to choose the best vessel for your shrine
How to be on the hunt and work with what you already have
How to look at objects with new eyes
My favorite tools and supplies for building the shrine
How to create balanced composition while building your shrine
How to edit for a more cohesive piece

I also take you on a comprehensive video tour of my own personal items that I keep handy to work with. And while we may not have all the same items, it’s easy to reference and find other things to use.

The first picture at the top is the inspiration piece that I built before I filmed the class and then the second picture, below, is the piece created during filming. Two different pieces, yet a similar feel using this process.  A lot of the items I added to my second shrine, I found while beachcombing during my stay in California, where we filmed.


*feel free to message me with any questions.

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