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So I’ve been working with a web designer, Noelle Mena, on a new website. I accidentally crashed my old one back in November. Initially, I was totally panicked but realized it was out of my control and I wasn’t super crazy about it anyway. So had to let it go and gain control, right? I started looking at websites that I liked and that’s how I found Noelle.

Anyway, through the course of working together, she mentioned to me about taking photographs of my art in a better way to really showcase the art. I use to try and do that, but then I don’t know,  maybe kinda got lazy about it? You know how easy it is to take a quick pic with your cellphone – I guess the convenience was there. And plus some of my things are really hard to take photos of because they are tall.

So after her gentle suggestion, I started researching backdrops and found this one on Amazon. Not a bad price either. It was easy to set up. I added my own black fabric over the black piece that came with the setup. It’s fine, but I love the texture of the black fabric I have and it gives my pictures,  it’s own unique look. The other cool thing about it is that I can raise it to the height I need for a particular piece.

So here is a picture I took of my piece, “Sweet Pea”. Really stands out!

I bought this mini chair at the flea market recently and it works perfectly to sit or stand my dolls on.

And then see this tall piece compared to Sweet Pea? I would just raise the backdrop up some so that you cannot see the wall behind the art. Very convenient.

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  1. Patricia Stark
    1. kecia deveney Post
  2. Roslind

    Looks gret Kecia …I have been experimenting myself and this does give me new insight Thanks …I’m going to hop over to amazon and take a peek..xoxox

    1. kecia deveney Post
  3. Jennifer Lopez

    Wow, what a difference! Photography is really hard for me, too. I need to work a lot harder at it! It looks like you’ve nailed it!

    1. kecia deveney Post

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