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Meet Jujube, a very special bunny. She loves to forage for berries and bring them home to the old wood wheelbarrow that she lives in. The wheelbarrow use to have loads of bee balm growing in it and she really likes how that smells, so she burrowed a little home inside the dirt and flowers. So what is so special about Jujube? Well, she is two-faced. No, literally, she has 2 faces. One face she uses when she’s feeling happy and outgoing and then the other face is for when she feels like hiding away in the fragrant smells of bee balm, the sanctuary of her home. She wears a dress she made from a crazy quilt and it makes her feel like an old soul. She likes that feeling. She is best friends with Mr. K and they often take tea in the forest. “Jujube” is $160.00 and will come bubble wrapped in a medium priority-mail box. International shipping will be calculated separately.