Winter nesting – a peek inside my bedroom

I traveled for Thanksgiving and then I traveled again for Christmas. After I’m done traveling, I don’t really like putting all my stuff away. You know all the stuff you packed and then had to wash? Then it sits in the laundry basket. At least I got the suitcases unpacked. But I really do not like putting clothes away. Lol, not sure why that is! Then I noticed I was making piles around the room and I don’t like piles. I like things to look clean and tidy. I may have a lot of stuff, but I like it organized and neat! So the other day, it was clean my room day. Perfect time to declutter, clean, dust and rearrange things. That’s my favorite thing to do actually, is freshen up a room by moving things around. Here’s a video of my bedroom that I took after I finished my winter nesting.


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  1. Roslind

    LOVE… LOVE… LOVE… the eclectic whimsy and imagination that burst forth in this video … OMG it the secret passage to creativity… I so enjoyed hopping around the room with all the delightful rabbits ..Hippity Hop …I wish it was my room ( ha Ha)

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